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Written by Mark O'Rowe

Produced by Remzephyr Productions

Featuring Renee Johnson as A, Erin Tetour as B and Jerod Howard as C

"Terminus, an account of one dark night of the soulless shared by two women and a homicidal maniac, paints a ghastly if gripping picture of the Irish capital, Dublin (as)

a city of loneliness, betrayal and subterranean violence.

This grim vista is redeemed by the expansiveness of O'Rowe's supernatural vision and by his beat-poetic script, a drummed threnody to the beautiful and the damned."

- The Guardian

Limited Run - T.B.A. 2024

Inspiration Studios 1500 S 73rd St, West Allis, WI 53214

"dark, violent and brilliant" - The Globe

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