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It happened by chance that I met Tom Jones, a standing member of Lakeland Players LTD of the historic Sprague Theater in Elkhorn, WI.

Tom and I appeared in a stage production of The Shawshank Redemption and soon became working friends. After a visit to the Sprague, including breakfast and a great cup of coffee, we started to chat about Lakeland Players' upcoming season and a potential collaboration between the theater and myself. A Guest Directorship seemed the right way to go with consideration of the standing history of the group and the theater's most recent changes. Those changes gave way, in my opinion, to a representation of live theatre that is genuinely supported by a deep sense of community.
Fast forward to the present day: It is my honor to work with this dedicated and talented group of people who have given themselves over to Lakeland Players through the years, along with new collaborators. I am inspired by Lakeland Players LTD and their commitment to producing entertaining and dedicated efforts for today's live-theater-going audiences. I hope to see you there.

*STEEL MAGNOLIAS opens Feb 24th and runs for Two Weeks Only! Please click the link below to get your tickets now.

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