Original Production Photography courtesy Diskuuhvery Studio - Pedro Salazar

*The BenchMark is a powerful work based on a true story. This poignant play chronicles the life of Mark, a homeless man who calls a lonely, little Chicago park bench his home. As he journeys through the summer, autumn and winter seasons, he seeks solace in alcohol and literature in order to escape the harsh realities of his life and the world around him. - Step Up Productions

The BenchMark *Stream is a joint collaboration meant to take storytelling to a new and measured level during the current pandemic crisis. To date, production team includes Director Bennie Woodell (Love Meet Hope) and James Hauser (The Next Level.) Cast to date Includes Renee Johnson (Street Scenes) as Officer Phallen, with Jennifer Peterson (Chicago PD) and Jerod Howard, each reprising the roles of the Bag Lady and Mark from a previous  production directed by Mason Absher for Art Live Studio to benefit PADS of Lake County IL

The BenchMark a free live-stream presentation will be possible thru tax deductible public contributions.

For more information and to express support, please feel to email via the Industry section of this site, subject line BenchMark Support.


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