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*Forever Plaid played for wonderful audiences right up to the initiation of Covid19 regulations. The cast & crew are grateful for that opportunity

and wish the best to everyone.

We are in this Together 

Forever Plaid celebrates the delightfull reincarnation of four male singers killed in a car crash on the way to their first big concert, now, miraculously back for this plaid-fabulous musical comedy - one weekend only event. 

Once upon a time, on February 9th 1964, a semi-pro harmony group was on its way to its first big gig at the airport Hilton cocktail bar, Fusel-Lounge. While driving in a cherry-red 1954 Mercury convertible, the group was rehearsing their finale, "Love Is a Many Splendor'd Thing." They were just getting to their favourite E flat diminished seventh chord when they were slammed broadside by a school bus filled with eager Catholic teens from out of Harrisburg. The teenagers were on their way to witness the Beatles make their U.S. television debut on the Ed Sullivan show, and miraculously escaped uninjured. 

The harmony group, however, was killed instantly.

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